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Nature is an inexhaustible source for health and wellness. Many hotels, spas, and physiotherapy centres, in Austria and in Italy use natural ingredients for the preparation of products for body care. Mynthalea's products strenghten our defences and at the same time provide wonderful relaxing. Health & Beauty is the motto: when health goes hand in hand with harmony and beauty!

  • distillation of “Mentha arvensis” (botanical name)
  • Parts used: leaves
  • Ingredients: 100% pure distillation, without chemical components, alcohol free, extra strong
  • Natural extraction method: steam distillation in controlled atmosphere.
  • Origin: “Mentha arvensis” comes from Asia (it is also called Japanese mint), the process of distillation to obtain the oil is entirely made in Austria
    Mynthalea Minzöl has a rapid refreshing effect, facilitates muscular and mental relaxation, stimulates attention and perception all of the senses.
  • How does it work? This vegetable oil is rich in wholly natural essential elements that act by osmosis and are absorbed through the skin and mucosa for an immediate beneficial effect.


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  • capacity 50ml