About Nuad oil

What is Nuad

Holistic, natural balm for body-mind-soul.
Our skin is also called the second lung and therefore requires healthy care….
NUAD’s unique combination of varietal almond oil, aloe vera, jasmine and lotus is therefore completely tailored to the natural needs of the skin. NUAD absorbs immediately into the skin without leaving a greasy film and is extremely economical to use!

  • Concentrate and economical in use
  • 100% pure oils and 100% vegan
  • Almond oil, aloe vera, jasmine, lotus
  • Without alcohol, silicone, glycerin, parabens
  • Without water and kerosene
  • No synthetic or chemical additives

NUAD is the ideal care for every skin type. Whether for normal, dry, sensitive or mature skin. The balanced ingredients of NUAD support the healthy ph -value of our skin, the natural protective function can therefore be maintained.

NUAD nourishes – protects – regenerates – harmonizes – activates

When to use Nuad

Recommended by therapists and users

  • for daily skin/body care from head to toe
  • as a basis for face and body peelings, as well as masks and cures
  • For the prevention and relief of skin problems such as, allergies, burns, itching, sunburn.
  • for relaxation and relief from tension, neck and back pain and the like.
  • Provides relief from sports injuries
  • can have a calming and regenerating effect on stressed and irritated skin
  • to repel the insects
  • to strengthen our physical and mental condition
  • for the fur, ears and paw care of our four-legged friends

How to use Nuad

Application and dosage:

  • Bath : few drops of NUAD with ½ cup cream
  • Body lotion: spread a few drops of NUAD on your still damp skin after showering.
  • Body scrub: 2 tablespoons of salt, sugar with about 150ml of water with a few drops of NUAD.
  • Facial scrub: mix bran, a little whey and 1 drop of NUAD and apply.
    Stimulates blood circulation, removes old skin flakes and restores radiance to the skin.
  • Hand cream:1 drop is enough. You get a silky smooth feeling.
  • Foot care: daily massage the soles of the feet with 1 drop, so the heels remain soft to the touch.
  • Mask: mash 1 avocado with 2 drops of NUAD and 1 tsp. yogurt, apply and wash after 15 min. wash up. Soothes stressed skin.
  • Massage: relaxes and has a beneficial effect
    Tip: 1 drop on the temples for fatigue and tension.
  • Nail care: nails become more elastic and grow back healthier
  • Fragrance lamp: a few drops for the room scent
  • ideal also for our 4 legged friends, for fur, ear and paw care